The Board of Directors for the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio created the following committees to enhance the organizational infrastructure and to best meet the needs of the members and/or those impacted by problem gambling.

Goal Across All Committees: Provide opportunities to recruit and engage members and community partners.


Louis Weigele & Steve Kapela, Chairpersons

Goal: Develop common sense policy solutions that ensure gambling regulations, laws and organizational policies take into consideration impact on problem gambling related issues.


  • Track and update our members on legislation and policies related to gambling
  • Create position statements and talking points on gambling related policies
  • Educate state lawmakers on how policies might positive or negatively impact problem gambling

Policy Concerns/Efforts:

  • Consumer protections
  • Funding for treatment and prevention
  • Inclusion of problem gambling into peer recovery support certification.

Service Network Development

Michael Buzzelli and Mike Rosen, Chairpersons

Goal: Promote high quality professional services to enhance the problem gambling service network in Ohio.


  • Provide networking and training opportunities for problem gambling professionals.
  • Partner with organizations to increase the integrate problem gambling into behavioral and physical health care programs.
  • Implement services network quality assurance initiatives (i.e. problem gambling helpline)
  • Create a network of consultants to provide technical assistance to problem gambling programs throughout Ohio.

Community Empowerment

Ashley Hartman, Chairperson

Goal: serves as catalyst for community engagement in addressing the issue of problem gambling.


  • Raise awareness of the issue of problem gambling among the general public.
  • Encourage engagement in our communities in response to problem gambling.
  • Foster peer and family lay support systems.
  • Empower “gatekeepers” to link the community to problem gambling supports.
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