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Ohio Gambling Telehealth Network

Ohio Gambling Telehealth Network (OGTN)

The Ohio Gambling Telehealth Network (OGTN) is a system of counseling providers throughout Ohio available to those affected by problem gambling or gambling disorder. As the state of Ohio has seen increased interest and demand for counseling services for gambling disorder, and with large sections of the state without local options for counselors trained specifically to assist those living with or affected by gambling disorder, the Problem Gambling Network of Ohio, with the support from the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and Ohio for Responsible Gambling has established the Ohio Gambling Telehealth Network (OGTN).

OGTN is available to provide counseling through a telehealth platform to those without local access to qualified counselors specifically trained to treat those living with problem gambling concerns or gambling disorder. Ideally, telehealth services are provided through video on a device such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The need for OGTN as a service became apparent due to calls received to the Problem Gambling Helpline of Ohio which works to connect callers to local resources for their gambling concerns. As parts of the state were found to have callers who did not have local options for gambling-specific care, considerations and planning was conducted to try to bring a resource to these callers and people who will find themselves in the same situation.

The Problem Gambling Helpline was founded in 2020 with support from the Problem Gambling Advisory Board (PGAB) in order to address mental health needs specific to gambling. This project has provided resources to hundreds of callers since then and has indirectly led to the development of OGTN.