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The Ohio Gambling Treatment Fellowship Program - "The Fellowship" - is an intensive yearlong, forty-hour educational and supervisory program for clinicians certified in gambling disorder treatment. The goals of the Fellowship are to prepare clinicians in providing gambling treatment services, aiding private practitioners and community agencies in improving problem gambling services, professional development, and strengthening Ohio's workforce. This program provides further training and expertise in the treatment of gambling disorder, case conceptualization, supervisory techniques, professional development such as presentations, webinars and research acumen, and hands-on learning of the Gambling Industry from operation and regulation partners.

Dr. Heather Chapman, Ph.D., ICGC-II, BACC

The Fellowship began in FY2016 and has graduated 27 Fellows over five classes. These 27 Fellows represent private practice and community agencies, serve county boards and provide problem gambling services throughout the regions of Ohio, including multiple Fellows from the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton and Akron areas. The Fellowship often includes Fellowship Alumni as guest speakers and presenters, making the program cyclical in nature. Dr. Heather A. Chapman, Ph.D., ICGC-II, BACC helped incept the program, working as the Fellowship Facilitator for many years. Dr. Chapman continues to serve PGNO in numerous capacities, including overseeing the Gambling Counselor Supervision Program.

For more information about the Fellowship Program please contact Program Manager, Cory Brown, at


Class of 2016
  • Joshua Francis - Dayton
  • Scott Knapp - Cleveland
  • Mike Rosen - Cincinnati
  • Marilyn Rule - Toledo
  • Bryan Traband – Cleveland
Class of 2017
  • Lisa Foisel - Cleveland
  • Maria Garner - Columbus
  • Beth Logan Batzer - Columbus
  • Katie Shaw-Jones - Cincinnati
  • Alicia Snyder - Cleveland
  • Lou Weigele – Cleveland
Class of 2018
  • Gary Gonnella - Dayton
  • Maggie Hyland - Cleveland
  • Bruce Jones - Columbus
  • Steve Kapela - Toledo
  • Diana Padrutt - Springfield
  • Amanda Ross – Cleveland
Class of 2019
  • Ken Buzzelli - Cleveland
  • Kierstyn Crawford - Dayton
  • Katrina Holt - Cleveland
  • Ken Holt - Cleveland
  • Rhonda Norman - Cincinnati
  • Les Waite – Cleveland
Class of 2020
  • Megan Cunningham - Toledo
  • Nan Franks - Cincinnati
  • Kasey McCormack - Cleveland
  • Bill Newberry – Kent

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