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Through its program of fellowships, PGNO seeks to prepare clinicians in providing gambling treatment services and strengthening Ohio's workforce through training, supervision, and application of advanced problem gambling education and treatment. PGNO offers two fellowship programs: the Ohio Gambling Treatment Fellowship and the Ohio Advanced Gambling Treatment Fellowship.

  • The Ohio Gambling Treatment Fellowship (Fellowship) is a year-long educational and supervisory program for clinicians certified in gambling disorder treatment. The goals of the Fellowship are to prepare clinicians in providing gambling treatment services, aiding private practitioners and community agencies in improving problem gambling services, professional development, and strengthening Ohio's workforce.
  • The Ohio Advanced Gambling Treatment Fellowship (Advanced Fellowship) provides nine months of research, education, and clinical learning opportunities to eligible health professionals at the doctoral or master’s level. Advanced Fellows are trained to be role models in leading, developing, conducting, and evaluating innovative research, education, and clinical care pertaining to gambling disorder.

The Fellowship began in 2016 and has graduated 31 fellows over seven classes. Developed in 2021, the Advanced Fellowship provides previous graduates of the Fellowship at the doctoral or master's level with continuous education. Fellows represent private practice, community agencies, and county boards, providing problem gambling services throughout Ohio, including the Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Akron areas. Fellowship Alumni act as presenters for the Gambling Disorder Case Presentation series, in which they walk the audience through a clinical encounter and discuss screening tools, treatment strategies, and topics related to the case.

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